Roseville Pottery, Columbine Vase, Pink, Double Handles - For Sale

Roseville Pottery, Columbine Vase, Pink, Double Handles
Price: $295.00
For Sale I have a Lovely piece of Pottery made by the Roseville Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The pattern is "Columbine" and the shape is a Double Handled Vase. The Vase measures 7 5/16" tall and 6" wide outside handle measurements. The inside opening measures approximately 3 3/8" wide at the rim and 2 5/8" wide at the neck. The Vase depicts a large Columbine Flower in full bloom with Three Leaf Clusters on long stems. The pattern is the same on both sides of the Vase. There are angular handles to balance this ovoid shaped vase. The background is glazed in a Rose Pink with a soft green overspray towards the bottom of the Vase. The piece is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. The piece is signed in raised relief Roseville U.S.A. 17-7" as well as the number 4 and an illegible letter written in Grease pencil which is the finishers mark. This is a delightful Vintage piece of Roseville and would nicely hold a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. The Vase was made Circa 1941.

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