Roseville Pottery, Cosmos, Double Handled Vase, Green~~ - For Sale

Roseville Pottery, Cosmos, Double Handled Vase, Green~~
Price: $250.00
For Sale I have a beautiful and colorful pattern produced by the Roseville Art Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The pattern is "Cosmos" and the shape is a double handled Vase or Planter. The Vase meaures 4 1/8" tall and is 6 13/16" in diameter at its widest point. The Vase Displays a Background color of Jade to Teal Green with accents of beige. The textured background on the lower portion of the Vase gives the appearance of a painted wicker basket. The Cosmos flowers are multi colored. There are beautiful orchids, lilac and Ivory Flowers all with yellow centers. The Vase is accented with 2 small applied ear shaped handles and an irregular shaped top opening. The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The piece is signed on the bottom with the "Roseville U.S.A." Raised Relief Signature Mark, as well as the shape number, 375-4". This is a Quality piece of Roseville Art Pottery. This is one of the Cleanest, Crisp examples I have ever owned in this Pattern. Those of you who collect this pattern and want an excellent example both in form and Glaze, need not look any further. This piece was made, circa 1939.

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