Tiffany Studios, Pine Needle Large Gold Dore Inkwell. Beige Glass - For Sale

Tiffany Studios, Pine Needle Large Gold Dore Inkwell. Beige Glass
Price: $1695.00
For Sale I have a Fabulous Desk Set Item made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The item is an Inkwell and it is done in Tiffany's most Popular "Pine Needle " Desk Set Pattern. The Inkwell is the Largest that Tiffany Studios made in this pattern. The Inkwell Stands an impressive 4" tall and is a whopping 7" in diameter.

The Inkwell Displays a Brilliant Gold Patina on the Acid Etched Metal Pattern of Pine Needles. There are Slumped or Curved Beige Opalescent Favrile Glass under the Overlay. There are a total of 6 of these that are soldered together and Gold Plated. This can only be seen when you take apart the Inkwell and look inside. I discovered this when I was checking to see if any of the Panels were cracked or broken. The Top of the Inkwell is Solid Metal with the Pine Needle Pattern Acid etched into that. The Clear Glass Inkwell sits in its well underneath.

The Inkwell is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no Cracks, Nicks, Chips or Dings to any of the Glass. There is one area on the outside Roll that you can see an Indent in the Metal. It is minor but it is there. It even still has its original Clear Glass Stepped Well for Ink. The bottom of the Insert has a countersunk polished Pontil. The Sign of Quality with Glass Items by Tiffany. The Inkwell Insert is also in excellent condition with only minor Flea Nicks on the top inside lip.

The Gold is Brilliant an appears to have been professionally reguilded. There is some pitting on the underside metal bottom plate and cannot be seen when displayed. The Hinge on the Lid is tight and works just wonderful. The Inkwell is signed with the Impressed "Tiffany Studios New York" mark along with the Pattern Inkwell Pattern Number "847". This is the Largest Size and one of the Rarest Pine Needle Inkwells To acquire.

This is an excellent example with a few minor issues. Usually when these are found there is either Damage to the Beige Glass or the Inkwell Insert is Cracked or just plain missing. I am very Happy to Report that Neither of these are present with this piece. This will make a wonderful addition to the Tiffany Gold "Dore" Pine Needle Desk Set Collection. This Inkwell was made Circa 1902-1920.

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