Van Briggle Pottery, Stemmed Leaf Vase, Mulberry Glaze, 1920's - For Sale

Van Briggle Pottery, Stemmed Leaf Vase, Mulberry Glaze, 1920's
Price: $295.00
For Sale I have a beautiful piece of Art Pottery made by The Van Briggle Pottery Company of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The shape is considered a Jardinière Vase and it is done in Van Briggle's most desirable Mulberry Glaze. The Vase stands 3 3/4" tall and is 4 1/2" in diameter.

The Vase displays a very pleasing Arts and Crafts Design of "Stemmed Raised Leaves". These Stems start at the bottom and rise to the top with a Leaf at the end. The Shape is similar to a "question mark" symbol. The Vase shows a very deep rich Matt Maroon Glaze with a Blue overspray on the raised or embossed leaves. The form is very nice and the detail is good.

The Vase is considered to be in very good condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips, or dings. The only issue is there is crazing in the Glaze. This is very common with the earlier Mulberry Glazes. The piece is signed on the bottom with Van Briggle's Incised Double Conjoined Logo and "VAN BRIGGLE" in Block Letters along with "U.S.A." underneath that. This clearly dates this piece to be 1922-1926 as Van Briggle used the USA incised signature mark during that time period.

Those of you who collect Van Briggle in the Mulberry Glaze will surely welcome this early addition This was known as Shape #695 in the Van Briggle Catalog Pages. This is a very nice example and I'm sure the Buyer will be happy with their purchase.

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