Weller Pottery, Coppertone Frog Pond w FL Frog, Crisp~~ - For Sale

Weller Pottery, Coppertone Frog Pond w FL Frog, Crisp~~
Price: $795.00
For Sale I have a lovely pottery set made by the Weller Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The pieces are known as a Console Bowl or Frog Pond and Flower Frog from the ever popular "Coppertone" line. The Console Bowl measures 3 11/16" tall to the tip of the Frogs head, approximately 10 3/4" long and 7 1/2" deep. The Flower Frog is 2 3/8" tall, 3 3/4" long and 3" deep. The Console Bowl has a watchful Frog perched ready for the next insect to fly by or ready to jump in the water. There is a Waterlily Bud next to him with Great detail and Glaze colors. The opposite end has Lily Pads and a newer Flower Bud coming into Bloom. The Flower Frog fits nicely in the center of the bowl and is a simulated mass of land with mossy covering to complete the look. There is some wonderful mottling on both of these delightful pieces. The inside and outside have lots of Copper as Pictured. The Console Bowl is stamped very faintly with the Half Kiln Ink Stamp signature as will as the letter "H" or "I" along with the finishers number 12. I have had may Coppertone Frogs with this finishers mark and would say this particular artist was an expert with the Coppertone Line. The Flower Frog is signed also with the Weller Pottery Half Kiln Ink Stamp and the number 12. Both pieces are considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. Those of you looking for an excellent example in both Glaze and Form the "Coppertone Frog Pond" is a must for your collection. The Console Bowl and Flower Frog were made Circa 1925-1930.

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