Weller Pottery, Woodcraft Log Window Planter w Handle - For Sale

Weller Pottery, Woodcraft Log Window Planter w Handle
Price: $145.00
For saleI have a Wonderful Piece of Art Pottery made by The Weller Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The shape is a Log Planter or Window Box and the pattern is the ever popular "Woodcraft". The Planter measures 9 1/2" long and is approximately 4 1/4" deep. The Log measures approximately 4 3/4" high at the arch of the Handle.

The Planter depicts a tree bark background with Oak Leaves embossed on both sides of the piece. The Glaze is a soft Caramel blended with Moss Green. It is very life like and also has the knots for a realistic look. There are four branches coming off the bottom of the Planter for the feet along with a twig style handle complete with the tree bark detailing. Both of the ends are smooth and the artist that made this even did alternating green and honey brown rings to depict the circles that happen naturally as the tree ages.

The log is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. There is a hole in each of the feet that are from when it was manufactured and I believe these are the stilt marks. There are also a couple of pin pops but they are common with this glaze and do not detract from the beauty of this whimsical Log. The Planter is unsigned but guaranteed to be Vintage Weller.

This piece was made Circa 1917-1928. Those of you who collect Woodcraft pieces will surely Welcome this one into your collection. This would look just wonderful on that Stickley. Mission, Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase.

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