Important Chinese Painting - Chiang T'ing-Hsi - For Sale

Important Chinese Painting - Chiang T'ing-Hsi
Price: $11500.00
Almost all the paintings by this artist, born at Changshu (Jiangsu Province)1669, died 1732 --also written Jiang Ting-xi or Tsiang Song --are in Imperial collections, as he was called to an important post at an early age and from that time painted only occasionally, and then only for the ruler. Bearing the surname Yangsun, he worked under the names of Youjun, Xigu and Nansha, and was famous for his rendering of flowers, such as the magnificent ones surrounding the feng-huang (phoenix) here. He was the teacher of Ma Yi. Examples of this artist's work are very rare outside of China. In America they can be found at the Metropolitan Museum (New York City) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston). (Please note that this scroll has been under glass --recessed -- for decades and is in need of restoration. I am selling it "as-is" but can see to it that it receives expert attention here, at the buyer's expense. Fortunately, the worm holes are mainly on the unpainted ground surfaces.) Approximately 44-1/2 inches by 14-1/4 inches. Chinese, early Seventeenth Century.

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