French Jaspee pitcher jug from Savoie - For Sale

French Jaspee pitcher jug from Savoie
Price: $90.00
HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE!!! This charming French Jaspee pitcher jug (gargoulette) from Savoie, dating around 1950’s, with its different colors (beige, brown, orange). In the baroque spirit: the "Jaspee" faience made In the French Alpes (Savoie region), said also " marbled in the mass ". This technique consists in mixing lands of different colors, generally brown nuances, brown, orange-colored and white cremate, until obtain a veiné marble aspect. 1775 is the date generally supposed by the appearance of this technique to Apt. If the game of the marbled colours lends itself to no symmetry, decorations modelled in white earth(ground), added, or applied to these details(rooms) balance and frame(supervise) the disorder of colors. The type of Jaspee pottery is very particular of Savoie pottery. Very good condition... no chips, no cracks. h-6"/ w-4.75"/ d-3.5" For the shipping...don't worry, we ship from Texas (not from France)!

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