Old Clock Shelf with two drawers - For Sale

Old Clock Shelf with two drawers
Price: $265.00
Here at Old Timers Antique Clocks, we have a definite sub-specialty---clock shelves! My wife and I never pass up the opportunity of purchasing a nice clock shelf when we find one--which is NOT all that often! Many of our customers say they would like to buy a clock if they only had a place to PUT it. So, we've collected all the pretty shelves we can find to accomodate that need. This particular shelf has a lot going for it! It not only has TWO drawers under the top shelf; but also a "What-Not" display area below the upper deck. The shelf was probably made by a home craftsman in the early 20th Century when many things were "home-made" including clothing, ice cream and many children's toys. In those days, there weren't all sorts of home builders shops or craft stores selling shelves and other ready-made items. The fathers just went out to the shed or barn, picked out some scrap lumber or pieces from old discarded furniture and made their own shelves and other necessities. This is a really nice shelf...and by the way, the clock and "what-nots" in the picture are not included with the shelf!! NOTE: The top dimensions of this shelf are 19" across by 4.75" deep.

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