Exquisite Circa 1800 Gilt Bronze French Clock Orpheus - For Sale

Exquisite Circa 1800 Gilt Bronze French Clock Orpheus
Price: $4930.00
Exquisite circa 1800 gilt bronze French clock depicting a standing Orpheus playing a lute. On the other side of the clock is a very ornate stringed instrument leaning against a pedestal. The clock has high relief sculptured flowers, torches, wreaths, a swan, and other decorative designs sculptured in high relief on the front of the clock. The clock is lacking the pendulum and key but appears to be in very good working condition. Replacement pendulum and keys are available from most clock makers. The backing that would normally cover the movement is no longer there, but clocks like this are normally placed in front of a wall so you would not see the back anyway. Overall very good condition depicting a very handsome and beautifully sculptured figure of Orpheus. The face of the clock is very unseal being that it is gilt bronze in the center with a porcelain dial. The porcelain dial has a couple of hairlines but otherwise its perfect. This is a very high quality circa 1800 French gilt bronze mantel clock measuring 20-1/2 inches high, 13-1/2 inches wide, and 5-1/4 inches deep. Weight 30 lbs. This is a beautiful and very decorative French clock that will surely be welcomed addition to any collection. Antique gilt bronze clocks of this quality are very hard to find, most collectors will never sell them when they find one. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur. (Item #72844)

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