#10777 Silver Drachm - 2nd Century BC Rhodos (Asia Minor Pennisula) - For Sale

#10777 Silver Drachm - 2nd Century BC Rhodos (Asia Minor Pennisula)
Price: $199.00
Historical Context: This coin was minted in Rhodos. RHODOS was a large and important island off the SW coast of Asia minor. It quickly achieved great prosperity and eventually became one of the principal trading centers in the area.

HELIOS: The sun-god who crosses the sky from east to west each day. He sees and hears everything. He was identified with Apollo.

Obv: Helios with Radiate Crown
Rev: Rose Bud Opening, Magistrate's name above
Diameter: 17 mm diameter (almost the diameter of a US Dime, but, thicker)
Weight: 2.7 grams
Condition: Very Fine, Light Toning

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