#8191 Brettian League, 215 to 205 BC - For Sale

#8191 Brettian League, 215 to 205 BC
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Historical Context: This coin was minted by the THESSALIAN LEAGUE around 196 to 146 BC. Following the great victory of the Roman General Flamininus over Philip V of Macedon, in 197 BC. The freedom of the Greeks was proclaimed at Corinth and a number of new autonomous coinages were initiated. Those in the name of the Thassalian Leagua were probably minted at Larissa. The Thessalian league was a loose confederacy of feudal like states run by a few great Thessalian families. The seat of the Thessalian diet was Larissa.

Obv: Zeus, Chief Olympian God!!
Rev: Athena Itonia walking right holding a SPEAR and SHIELD
Diameter: 22 mm diameter (about the size of a US Quarter).
Condition: Very Fine, toned (Much nicer then photo shows)

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