#9592 SILVER Stater - 4th Century BC, ARADOS, PHOENICIA - For Sale

#9592 SILVER Stater - 4th Century BC, ARADOS, PHOENICIA
Price: $219.00
Historical Context: This coin was minted in PHOENICIA (Sidon) around 350 BC. Phoenicia was a coastal area just north of Palestine/Judea. It contained numerous important trade and port cities, including Arados, Tripolis, Byblos, Sidon, and Tyre. Phoenicia was originally controlled by the Persian empire. Around 340 BC, Phoenicia was conquered by Alexander the Great. After his death (323 BC), Control of Phoenicia was traded between the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt and the Seleukid Dynasty of Syria until the Roman in the 1st Century BC.

Obv: Beared Diety
Rev: Galley
Diameter: 20 mm (about the diameter of a US Nickel and almost twice as thick)
Weight: 9.6 grams
Condition: about Very Fine

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Museum Surplus
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Email : MuseumSurplus@aol.com
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