Bar Kochba Ancient Silver Tetradrachm, 134/135 C.E. - For Sale

Bar Kochba Ancient Silver Tetradrachm, 134/135 C.E.
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BAR KOCHBA "SELA" TETRADRACHM Mildenberg 68, 12 listed, VF+/EF,lightly toned, 27mm, 14.35 grams. Struck134/135 C.E. A beautiful excellent weight Bar Kochba Tetradrachm with full Temple. An Excellent Obverse with all five letters of Shimon showing mostly in full. The Bar Kochba Tetradrachm is the only artifact we have from antiquity depicting the Jerusalem temple. The mark you see going across the ark to left is a die break mentioned by Mildenberg for this series of dies and typical of the Bar Kochba Tetradrachms. The reverse is SUPERB with FULL inscription, Lulav and ETROG in EF.

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