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C. Junius C.F. AR Denarius Item Number: 1020568
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C. Junius C.f. AR Denarius. 149 BC. Helmeted head of Roma r., X behind / The Dioscuri galloping r.; C·IVNI·C·F below, ROMA in exergue. Babelon Junia 1. Sydenham 392. Crawford 210/1. 3.70 g, 18mm. Of note -- The Dioscuri Castor and Pollux were accorded a special place in the Roman collective consciousness and were honoured on the city’s coinage for their legendary assistance to the Romans against the Latins and Tarquinius Superbus, the former King of Rome. It was said that during the Battle of Lake Regillus (circa 496 BC) Castor and Pollux were seen at the height of the battle, armed and mounted, fighting at the head of the legions, and that afterwards had carried news of the victory to Rome with far greater alacrity than was possible for any ordinary man. The well at which they had alighted to water their horses was pointed out, and it was on this spot that Aulus Postumius Albinus, dictator for that year and commander of the Roman army, built his avowed temple to the Dioscuri. A great festival was kept to their honour on the Ides of Quintilis, supposed to be the anniversary of the battle, and on that day sumptuous sacrifices were offered to them at the public expense. One spot on the margin of Lake Regillus was regarded throughout many ages with superstitious awe; a mark resembling in shape a horse’s hoof, was discernible in the volcanic rock, and this mark was believed to have been made by one of the celestial chargers. Category:Roman Material:Coin Dimensions:3.70 g, 18mm Condition:[VALUE5]

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