Greek Silver Tetradrachm Of Alexander The Great 323 Bc - For Sale

Greek Silver Tetradrachm Of Alexander The Great 323 Bc
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Historically important, an ancient Greek silver coin "TETRADRACHM" of Alexander the Great "King of Macedonia", 336 - 323 BC Head of Herakles wearing a lions scalp / Zeus enthroned holding an eagle and scepter, a wine amphora on left Alexander The Great was king of Macedonia from 336 BC to his death in 323 BC. Considered one of greatest generals in history, he conquered the Persian empire and most of the known civilized world, extending as far east as India and south into Egypt. A pupil of Aristotle, Alexander learned the Greek ways of life and the ideals of Greek civilization and spread Greek culture and influence throughout his empire. The very popular Ancient Greek coin depicting the head of Herakles on one side and the Greek god Zeus enthroned on the other, circulated during his reign and continued to be struck well after his death in 323 BC Found in Samaria northern Israel ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE

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