Parthian Silver Drachm of King Mithradates II - C.2287 - For Sale

Parthian Silver Drachm of King Mithradates II - C.2287
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Obverse: Bearded Portrait of the King Crowned with a Tiara Reverse: Archer Facing Right Seated on an Omphalos Mithradates II, Son of Artabanus II, was the eighth Parthian king who came to the throne about 124 B.C. Second only to Mithradates I as most powerful Parthian king, he defeated all Seleucid attempts to reclaim their Eastern territories, turning Parthia into a formidable, unified empire. He recovered all Mesopotamia and conquered Characene, overstriking coins of Hyspaosines and driving him from his capital in 122 or 121 BC. Along the way, Mithradates II assumed the Achaemenid title "king of kings" and introduced new titles and designs on his extensive coinage including the Parthian tiara (see on the obverse), which became a standard symbol of kingship in many eastern kingdoms, and the title Epiphanes, or "god manifest". During the reign of Mithradates II, the first contacts with Rome, under Lucius Cornelius Sulla, were made, and portents of future struggles were evident in the lack of any agreement between the two powers. Mithradates II died about 88 B.C., although he may have died a few years earlier. Origin: Southwestern Asia Circa: 123 BC to 88 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Parthian Medium: Silver

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