Roman Republican Silver Denarius, Q. Philippus - C.5372 - For Sale

Roman Republican Silver Denarius, Q. Philippus - C.5372
Price: $330.00
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, monogram behind.
Reverse: Macedonian horseman right, Macedonian helmet behind, Q. PILIPVS below, ROMA in exergue
The bust of the goddess Roma, with its winged helmet, is a popular obverse type during the Republican period. The helmet itself is reminiscent of Hellenistic and Roman helmets of the time period, categorized by scholars as the Italo-Attic type. Officers and deities are often depicted as wearing this helmet long after such a design had gone into general disuse by the military. As such, it continued to be employed as a symbol connected with deities and heroic figures of the past. The reverse type refers to Q. Marcius Philippus, an ancestor of the moneyer, who had campaigned against Macedon after previous diplomatic missions.
Crawford 259/1. RSC Marcia 11. - (C.5372)

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