A small Flemish renaissance oak cupboard, Flemish, 1633 - For Sale

A small Flemish renaissance oak cupboard, Flemish, 1633
Price: $2200.00
Height 45”, width 31”, depth 19”.

On either side of the door are figures carved in full relief, one carrying an anchor and the other a cross, each probably representing one of the three virtues, favorite subjects of the Flemish during the 17th century. The deep center carving contains two birds (possibly flamingos) positioned back-to-back, with a small cartouche above carved with the date, 1633. There is a drawer above the door flanked by two cherubs in full relief.

Comparative examples: Some other Flemish one door cupboards are pictured on page 116 and 117 in the book, “Belgian Furniture 1500-1800”, by Thibaut Wolvesperges. More are pictured on pages 31, 33, and 38 in the book, Mobilier de Belgique et de la Flandre Francaise”, by Edith Mannoni. It is interesting to note that, like the cupboard being offered, some of these comparative examples have a combination of very deep carving and relatively shallower carving, a characteristic in this case that indicates Brugge as the city of origin. In the other examples, the deep carving is always on the posts and center of the door, and the more shallow carving is usually on the surrounding parts of the door and on the plinth.

Condition: The backboards and both shelves appear somewhat old, but are not original. Also, the drawer has been rebuilt apparently many decades ago, using new interior parts but retaining the original carved oak facing.


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