Exceptional Tooled Leather Stagecoach Trunk New Interior Circa 1869 - For Sale

Exceptional Tooled Leather Stagecoach Trunk New Interior Circa 1869
Price: $1100.00
If you were a suave well to do gentleman, high roller, or stagecoach robber, this is the kind of nice leather trunk you might have owned back in the 1800's. The trunk measures a fairly standard stagecoach size 31"L X 18"H X 18"W and is a rare to find leather flat top. Difficult to see in the stand back photo's, but It is covered with numerous tooled designs in the leather which are on all sides, even the back. The leather itself is in very good condition. A few minor repairs made to loose stitching, a corner or two, and cleaned up wear around the lip where it closes. Normal wear areas,nothing bad or distracting at the least. The leather is soft with its skin intact. Very unusual to find is that this antique trunk retains its original handles which are about the thickest and best I have come across. The straps were missing when found so I did what I could using some slightly vintage ones to be in character with the aged look. The wood slats are a hardwood and there are a ton (approx 280) brass covered nails and rivets which are not painted. The lock is solid brass and a nice one from the same era but not the original one is my observation. It has a decorative piece that slides back and forth to reveal the key hole but consider the lock non-functional. Hinges are great and it is very sturdy and well built. The bottom is in great shape with its oak runners, top quality zinc metal covering (will not rust), and more brass rivets.The inside was largely missing when found. It has been relined, a tray made, and the lid compartment rebuilt. Sounds simple but it took a bit of time. The colors are antique white, black, and the patterned area is a natural linen which is sort of grayish. New straps to hold the lid have been added as was original. Behind the drop down compartment would be a nice place to add a little something of your own to make officially yours.

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