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Antique French Oak Trestle Table
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Antique Trestle Table of Oak and a scalloped apron with one drawer is an exceptional French Table useful for dining for a work table in a library. H:30" W:92.5" D:32" A little history of the importance of the Trestle table in with European and American use. The basic trestle table is a structure comprising two frame-based legs (the trestles) over which a tabletop is placed. Such tables were known to be commonly used as early as the Middle Ages, using a wide variety of materials. As well as ease of assembly and storage, which made it the ideal occasional table, it has long been popular for dining, as those seated are not so inconvenienced as they might be with the more usual arrangement of an independent leg at each corner. The trestle table, which is described in mid-seventeenth-century inventories as a "table board and frame," is the oldest form of American table. In this New England example, the "table board" is a single plank of pine two feet wide and over twelve feet in length. The long, narrow plank rests on a frame consisting of three oak trestles. The trestles are held in position by a pine brace that passes through them and is pegged into place. The antique trestle desk is usually very much like the Writing table desk form, which offers a simple flat desktop surface with a few drawers underneath it. Unlike the writing table the trestle desk is supported by two legs instead of four, and the legs are designed to be dismantled easily in order to store or move the desk efficiently. More precisely, the two legs are two strong side supports which branch out in two feet each (for a total of four) at the bottom. Some antique trestle desks are fitted with small cubby holes and nooks or small drawers at the extremity of the work surface, and thus resemble a Bureau a gradin. Located in the heart of Summerland, California, Lifestyle Antiques & Interiors offers the finest high-end Antiques, Decorative Arts, and Home Furnishings on the South Coast. We feature a rich collection from Europe, specializing in Italian Furniture, French and Spanish. The elegant collection varies from antique and Murano lamps, decorative pillows, Chandeliers, Mirrors and a fine selection of home furnishings. Just 3 minutes south of Santa Barbara. For your convenience you may shop on line: .

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