Art Glass Bride's Bowl in Figural Silver Plate Basket - For Sale

Art Glass Bride's Bowl in Figural Silver Plate Basket
Price: $1200.00
Exquisite antique centerpiece with a large cased glass bowl elaborately hand painted in a wonderful pattern of flowers, flower sprays and ribbons. The top 1" of the bowl is a clear green glass; the rest of the bowl is cased on the outside with a translucent white glass. The bowl has a polished pontil. It is not marked. Probably American. Circa late 1800's.

The silverplate holder or basket features a young woman in a flowing dress. There is a circular mark on the base. Inside the circle are the words Barbour Silver Co. - Quadruple -and in the middle is the word - Silver. Underneath the mark is the number 264. Barbour Silver Co. was in business from 1892-1898.

Size: bowl is 12" in diameter; bowl in stand is appx. 15" high

Condition: Bowl - excellent - just a tiny open bubble in bottom of bowl -see 3rd pic; Silver holder - there is some wear to the silver on the dress; 2 teensy holes in a fold on the dress; toes on back foot are separating a little from the base; teensy ding in base

Original Manufacturers Flaws: bowl has tiny bubbles; bowl rocks a little in silver holder; silver holder canted forward so there is about a 1/2" difference in height from the front of the holder to the back

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