Bohemian Art Glass. Stag & Castle, Red Cut To Clear - For Sale

Bohemian Art Glass. Stag & Castle, Red Cut To Clear
Price: $235.00
For sale is a lovely vase made by a Bohemian Glass Company. The Item is known as a "Stag and Castle" or "Deer and Castle" Vase. The Glass is a Flashed Red over Clear. The Vase is a nice size as it stands 5 1/2" tall and is 4 5/8" in diameter.

The vase depicts separate scenes going around the Vase. The First is a Deer or Stag w Antlers, the second is that of a Castle and the 3rd is a Doe Running the opposite direction of the Stag and the last is a Gazebo Park Scene. These are all wheel cut and acid etched with great detail by a master wheel cutter. They are cut from Red to clear and all four cut scenes are nestled in a Forest of Wheel Cut lush foliage. The vase sits on a Round foot with horizontal cut windows all along the bottom.

The is an exquisite Bohemian Vase that was made by a True Master. The vase has good weight not like the lighter pieces that were produced at a later period that look similar to this pattern. I thought possibly it could be "Moser" but I am not sure. The top rim is polished smooth and the Vase was put together in 2 Parts. The foot was applied to the Vessel. The Foot was blown from the Bottom and the vase was blown from the top then these 2 pieces were fused together.

The piece is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are some inclusions like pieces of sand that didn't melt when firing inside the vase. This really adds some charm to the piece and is typical of early art glass. The piece is unsigned and it has a flat clear bottom. There are some scratches and this is consistent with its age. The inside is clear and shows no signs of calcium deposits.

These quality Bohemian Vases are becoming hard to find. They are Truly Lovely and the Collectors seem to hold onto these beauties. This Vase was made Circa 1890-1920.

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