Kralik, Uranium, Applied Cobalt Spiral Threaded Compote Vase, Pink Hue~~~ - For Sale

Kralik, Uranium, Applied Cobalt Spiral Threaded Compote Vase, Pink Hue~~~
Price: $195.00
For Sale is a lovely piece of Art Glass made by Wilhelm Kralik Sohn of Eleonorenhain Bohmen (Bohemia). This is now the modern day "Czech Republic". The Vase is a Hexagon Shaped Compote and measures approximately 4" tall, 4 3/8" wide on the flat sides and 5 1/8" in diameter across its widest point. The foot or bottom of the Compote measures 3 3/16" in diameter.

The Vase Displays a lovely cobalt blue spiral thread or ribbon applied in a horizontal fashion. The Wave or Ribbon of Glass starts at the top lip and wraps around the vessel running horizontally at an angle all the way around and under the bottom. There are 16 rows of these Decorating the piece from the top to very bottom underside foot. The base glass is uranium and it glows under a black light however instead of the typical Vaseline hue, there is a subtle pink amethyst glow to the clear glass. When you handle the Glass it also has a Vaseline Glass feel to it. There are a few small air bubbles in the foot that gives this Vase that added Sparkle. This is a very exciting piece of Art Glass.

This Compote Vase is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no chips, cracks, nicks or dings. The Vase wiggles when touched as the bottom is not perfectly flat and has that hand blown appearance. There are some concentrated surface scratches in one area on the bottom of the vase. These scratches do not show when properly displayed and do not take away from the value. The piece has a counter sunk Polished Pontil, the mark of quality piece of Art Glass. This was synonymous with their American Contemporaries Tiffany Favrile, Steuben Aurene and Quezal. This Compote Vase has a Scalloped Rim with fire polished rolled edge to give it that quality finished appearance. The Vase is unsigned but the shape and decoration can be documented at the on-line Kralik Glass Website. This Pattern Line was simply known as "Spiral". Click on Link to the left then click on Kralik Visual Index "N-Z". Scroll down towards the right and you will see this pattern "Spiral". Click on it and it will open to show you the same shape.

This Compote would make lovely addition to any Art Deco or Art Nouveau Art glass Collection. This vase was made circa 1905-1920.

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