Mont Joye, Pansies, Amethyst on Clear Tall Art Glass Enameled Vase, Beautiful~~ - For Sale

Mont Joye, Pansies, Amethyst on Clear Tall Art Glass Enameled Vase, Beautiful~~
Price: $850.00
For Sale is a beautiful piece of Art Glass made by Mont Joye of Paris, France. There are beautiful Enameled Pansies on a base glass of Amethyst to Clear. The Vase is very tall as it stands 11 3/4" tall and is approximately 4 7/8" in diameter at the base. The opening at the top of the vase is 3" outside diameter.

The Vase depicts wonderful enameling of multi-colored Pansies. There is Off White to Yellow, Solid Yellow, Lilac Purple to deep Purple accented with Yellow Pansies in full bloom. The detail in the enameling is outstanding. You can see the Pistils in three of the four opened blooms. There are also Two Lily Buds just to the left of the top two blooming flowers and 2 Buds to the right corner of the bottom Blooms. There are also sprigs of ferns in the background painted in Gold that give the artwork a wispy feeling of Spring in the air. There are also leaves with nice shading of Greens and Blue Greens throughout the pattern. These leaves are outlined in Gold.The pattern is predominately on one side of the Vase. The Mottled Gold Enameling along the top Border finishes this piece exquisitely.

The Vase is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. There is very minor gold enamel loss around the top rim as you can see that most of it is there. The beauty is in the Color and Enameling of the Vase. The Vase is signed in with the letter "P" in Red and the number "5" or the letter "S" in green. This is probably the artist or finishers mark. This Vase also has a countersunk polished pontil. This is the sign of quality piece of art glass. This Pattern is also hard to find. You commonly find the Iris and Lily but rarely find the Pansy Pattern.

This is a brief History of Mont Joye Glass.

Glass bearing the name «deVez», «Mont Joye», and «Pantin» was produced by the same company. E. S. Monot at La Villette near Paris founded this company in 1850. In 1859, known as «Cristallerie de La Villette» the company was transferred to Pantin, at that time a suburb of Paris and now a part of Paris. After F. Stumpf joined the company in 1868 it became «Monot & Stumpf». In 1873 Monot's son joined the company and the name changed to «Monot, Pere et Fils et Stumpf». About 1894 the company became known as the «Stumpf, Touvier, Violette & Cooye,» and the same company produced «Pantin». After WW1 merged with Legras & Cie.

This is an extremely large Mont Joye Vase. You commonly find 6-8" Versions and sometimes you can find 10" ones. It is considered somewhat Rare to find one that is almost 12" tall. It was very common for these tall vases to get knocked over and broken. This one is NOT!! This Vase is in amazingly Great Shape for being 100+ years old.

Mont Joye enameled glass was produced at the turn of the Century. It was extremely popular both in Europe and North America. This is an extremely large Mont Joye Vase.This type glass was of high quality and became very desirable among Fine Glass Collectors. This Vase was made Circa 1900-1915.

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