Ribbed Scarab Glass Paperweight, Blue Aurene, Favrile~ - For Sale

Ribbed Scarab Glass Paperweight, Blue Aurene, Favrile~
Price: $75.00
For Sale a beautiful Art Glass Scarab Paperweight. The Blue Aurene Iridescent or Luster is just outstanding. The Scarab is 4 3/8" long, 3 1/8" wide, and is 1 1/2" tall. The Paperweight Displays a Scarab with a very detailed Ribbed back that is separated by a smooth shell behind the head. You can see beautiful Blue/Pruple iridescent along with some hues of Fuchsia. The Scarab has a metallic look, yet it is glass. The Base color of the Glass is a very deep cobalt blue.

Tiffany Studio's produced smaller versions to decorate their large Floral Leaded Glass Shades. Tiffany also used a version similar to this in some of his Table Lamps and Shades. Instead of being a solid piece of glass the inside was hollow as to allow for a socket to house a bulb to illuminate it. True Glass was first developed by the ancient Egyptians to imitate the semi-precious stones used extensively in their artwork. It was often cast in shapes such as the Scarab for use as Amulets and Good Luck Charms. The Egyptians associated the Scarab Beetle with the creator god Khepri, the symbol of Birth and Eternal Life. This Art Glass Scarab is an example of the original Egyptian Scarabs.

The piece has minimal wear to the bottom and is considered Excellent to Mint condition. The paper weight has no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. The piece is unsigned and I believe it is of contemporary make. This is a must buy for anyone who collects Scarabs or Paper Weights. The paper weight weighs about 1 1/2 pounds and I am sure should if a gust of wind came along you will not loose your paper work. Purchase with confidence as this will enhance any Art Glass Collection.

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