Millersburg Carnival Glass, Hanging Cherries, Amethyst Creamer, Nice~~~ - For Sale

Millersburg Carnival Glass, Hanging Cherries, Amethyst Creamer, Nice~~~
Price: $195.00
For Sale is a beautiful piece of carnival glass made by the Millersburg Glass Company of Holmes County, Ohio. The shape is a Creamer and the pattern is "Hanging Cherries". The Creamer measures 4 1/4" tall and is 5 5/8" in diameter from outside spout to the outside handle measurement.

The Creamer depicts very detailed clusters of hanging cherries from branches and stippled leaves that are realistic with attention to the veining and serrated edges. The piece has one molded handle and is finished with a soft scalloped edge to the top rim along with a spout to pour the cream. It has a collar base and smooth interior. The iridescence on this Creamer is excellent and stunning. You can see vivid colors of Gold, Blue, Purple, and Teal on the exterior and interior. This iridescence is considered to be a Radium finish.

This Creamer is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. All the teeth on the top border are damage free, not even a flea nick. The mold is crisp and the detail in the leaves is outstanding. The piece is not signed but the pattern is a well documented Millersburg pattern.

Millersburg Glass Company began constuction in 1908 by John W. Fenton after breaking away from the Fenton Art Glass Company where he and his brothers, Frank and Charles, were partners. He began glass production in May of 1909 however the company filed for bankruptcy in 1911 most likely due to his lack of business experience and remote location. John was noted for his extravagance and attention to detail in his workmanship making Millersburg some of the most desirable carnival glass available. I have also read that Black Cherries were John's favorite fruit and several of the trees planted on the property surrounding the factory. He would sometimes have his workers climb the trees and break off a branch for him to study and work on his patterns.

This Creamer was made Circa 1909-1911.

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