Tiffany Favrile Gold Floriform Vase, Strong Iridescence~~ - For Sale

Tiffany Favrile Gold Floriform Vase, Strong Iridescence~~
Price: $1295.00
For Sale I have a very Lovely piece of Art Glass made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The item is a "Gold Iridescent Squat Flower Form" Vase. It is done in Tiffany's highly sought after Gold Favrile Iridescent Glass. The Flower Form is a nice size as it stands 4 1/2" tall and has a diameter of approximately 5 1/2" at it widest point. The foot has a diameter of 2 3/4".

The Vase displays a very Strong Gold Iridescent finish. The Vase looks metallic yet it is glass. You can see vivid hues of Fuchsia and some Platinum Blues. The Vase has very nice appeal and I would consider this a nice Cabinet Shape. The Gold Onion Skin Texture is very fine and well executed. The Fuchsia Color is throughout and on both sides as well as very strong hues on the Foot.

The Flower Form is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. This Flower form has no excuses to be made at all. The Vase is properly signed with the etched Script Signature mark "L.C. Tiffany Favrile" as well as the Suffix Number "2094C". This Suffix letter C means this piece was made in the year 1908.

This is a quality piece of Art glass made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The Gold Favrile, Aurene Iridescence is just outstanding!! This is a very nice example of this form and color. It is amazing that this Flower Form has survived over 108 years without getting any kind of damage.

Those of you who collect the Gold Favrile, Aurene Flower Forms will surely welcome this fine addition. I'm sure the lucky Buyer will be delighted with their purchase.

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