Kathleen Orme, White Cut to Red Cameo Vase, Floral Basket, Outstanding~~~ - For Sale

Kathleen Orme, White Cut to Red Cameo Vase, Floral Basket, Outstanding~~~
Price: $3695.00
For Sale is a beautiful Art Glass Vase made by Kathleen Orme of Chico, CA. The Vase is known as a Cameo Glass Vase. This Art Glass Vase measures 7 1/8" tall and is 5 5/8" wide at the bulge or widest part of the vase. The outside of the rim measures 3 3/4" in diameter and the foot is 2 1/4'.

The vase depicts a Floral Basket arrangement with what looks like Peonies and small Bell Flowers. The detail is unbelievable. When you run your fingers over the basket you can feel all the raised and recessed lines in the basket. Just like in real life!! The Glass base color is Ruby Red with a thick white Glass over coat. Kathleen Orme did not blow the glass but she did the Cameo Cutting. The blank was blown by Carl Radke of Phoenix Studios.

I bought this vase back in the late 80's from her. When I spoke to her she told me that if she figured what she made per hour it would have been around $5. This Vase took about 2-3 weeks to make. She drew her pattern over the blank on special tape and preceded to cut back the white to make her raised relief pattern of Flowers in a woven basket. She cut back this using a sand blasting technique as opposed to acid. This is much more time consuming and by far safer health wise. You can see by the details in the vase she was a master at this. The raised detail over the Red Blank is Outstanding!!

The Vase is in excellent condition as there are absolutely no issues to report. The piece is signed with a registered number that reads "KO 350-1389" The Vase is also signed on the lower part of the Basket Weave" with her raised mark on the glass that read "Kathleen Orme" Kathleen Orme has not produced and Cameo Glass since the early 90's. There are very few examples of her work in the market place today. This is my last Kathleen Cameo Vase. I had 3 but lost 2 in a fire some 7 years ago. I have cherished this vase for many years but now its time to move on to another home that will love it the same.

This is a quality piece of Contemporary American Art Glass as well as being of Investment Quality. This is the only known Red Vase that I have seen from her work. I'm quite sure collectors of the early manufacturers would not be disappointed with this purchase.

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