Thomas Webb, Bronze Ware Art Glass Vessel, Double Handled, Nice Iridescence~~ - For Sale

Thomas Webb, Bronze Ware Art Glass Vessel, Double Handled, Nice Iridescence~~
Price: $495.00
For Sale is a lovely vase made by Thomas Webb & Sons of Amblecote near Stourbridge, England. I would call this shape a double handled squat form. The Vase is a nice cabinet size as it stands 3 1/4" tall and has a diameter of 5" in diameter outside handles measurement. The bottom of the vase has a diameter of 2 5/8".

The base glass is green in color. The exterior Blue Purple Iridescent treatment on the glass makes it look more like a Teal Green base Glass. This Vase has wonderfully applied ear shaped handles with deep scalloped tails. The top rim rolls out and comes all the way back in and rolls over and is fire polished. The vase displays a very beautiful rainbow colored iridescence with Blues, Purples and Fuchsia tones throughout. It is very European in design and shape.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. One tail looks to have been nicked at the very bottom. When you turn the vase upside down it appears to be factory because the tails are exactly the same length on each side. This Vase has a counter sunk polished Pontil. This is the sign of a quality piece of Art Glass. The Vase is very clean inside and shows virtually minimal signs of use. The outer bottom border shows minor scratches. It appears to have been a Cabinet piece most if not all of its life.

This is a Lovely cabinet Vase that is not so commonly found. This style of vase was made to copy the Roman bronze pieces that were often dug up and were about 2,000 years old. You Thomas Webb collectors will welcome this fine addition into your collection. This Vase was made during the Victorian Era circa 1878-1885.

Here is a little bit of history about Thomas Webb's Bronze Ware Vessels.

Bronze glass. This is an iridescent glass made by Webb. It was exhibited in Paris in 1878, and there was a dispute with Richardsons on the iridescent patent. Richardson continued making it's own iridescent glass, despite saying that it would stop. Webbs bronze was referred to as Green Bronze in their pattern books, so it has been suggested that the body of the glass is green. Sometimes the vases had applied handles, snakes and lizards, lion masks, trails, plus etched decoration, hieroglyphics and gilding.

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