Steuben, Cyprian Art Glass Bowl, Beautiful Celeste Blue Border, Very Nice~~ - For Sale

Steuben, Cyprian Art Glass Bowl, Beautiful Celeste Blue Border, Very Nice~~
Price: $395.00
or Sale is a beautiful Art Glass Bowl made by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. I have a hand blown "Squat Bowl" in a Cyprian color. It is done in the Verre de Soie Aquamarine Style of Art Glass with a Celeste blue glass top border. This was Frederick Carder's Favorite Glass. "Verre de Soie" literally means "Glass of Silk". This Bowl is a nice cabinet size as it measures 2 7/8" tall and the top opening has a diameter of 4 3/8" inside measurement. The Bowl has an overall diameter of 6" with the foot having a diameter of 3".

The Vase depicts a Milky Translucent White Iridescent Glass throughout with a tinge of green at the bottom. The Vase is further decorated with a beautiful soft Celeste Blue border. This blue layer is applied to the exterior of the glass. The iridescence is just wonderful as you can see beautiful hues of Fuchsia, Purples and Blues. When you rub this piece of glass across your face it has a very silky feel to it, thus the name "Verre de Soie" Glass of Silk. The Bowl when held at an angle has a green hue to it in the bottom and might be actually classified as Aquamarine which is in the Verre de Soie Family.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The Blue top border is perfect. There are very minor scratches on the underside bottom exterior edge. The Vase is very clean inside and shows no signs of calcium deposits. There is an inclusion of a colored thread within the bottom of the Bowl pictured. The vase displays a counter sunk polished pontil, the sign of a Quality hand made piece of Art Glass. The vase is unsigned as is the case with the "Cyprian" style of Art Glass. This style usually carried a paper label. This is shape number 2687 in the Steuben Catalog of shapes. I have attached a link to the Steuben Club Website to Show you below. click on or copy and paste into your address browser and it will bring you right to the item.

Steuben Aurene Glass is some the Highest Quality Glass you can own. At the turn of the Century LCT Tiffany Studio's Favrile line was their main competitor and their fared equally as well creating some of the nicest Art Glass Vases the World has ever seen. Cyprian is not commonly found. Those of you who collect Cyprian and want an excellent example do not let this one slip by you!! This piece was made in the middle period of Steuben's Colored Production as it carried a 2600 shape number. This Vase was made, Circa 1915-1920.

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