Steuben, Gold Aurene, Mini Stick-Bud Vase, Rare & Very Hard to Find~~ - For Sale

Steuben, Gold Aurene, Mini Stick-Bud Vase, Rare & Very Hard to Find~~
Price: $575.00
For Sale is a very adorable vase made by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The item is more commonly known as a Gold Aurene "Mini Stick" or "Mini Bud" Vase. This Beautiful Vase is a nice cabinet size as it stands 6" Tall and the top of the stick has a diameter of 5/8" outside measurement. The Round Foot has a diameter of 2 5/16".

The Vase displays a very strong Gold Aurene, Favrile Iridescence that only Steuben is known for. It has a Brilliant Gold Mirrored Metallic appearance, yet it is Glass. There are wonderful strong hues of Fuchsia mixed with Gold Iridescence especially on the surface of the foot. The underside bottom of this is simply outstanding!! It displays some of the strong Platinum Blue w purple iridescence I have ever seen on a Aurene Stick Vase. This was Frederick Carder at his best! The Round Hollow Tall Cylindrical Stick Form is mounted to a Round Platform or Foot. They are fused together to appear as only one piece was blown yet it is actually a two part Vase.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips, or dings. The tops of these vases should Not be Polished and smooth. This is not how Steuben made these. The tops should be rough cut and look like this. The ones that have been Polished Smooth are done after market. This one doesn't even show Flea kicks which is not common for this area but the cutter did an excellent job. The Vase shows minimal use as you can tell by the lack of scratches on the bottom.

The Vase is signed on the bottom with the Engraved "Aurene" mark along with the shape number "2556" as shown in the Steuben Catalog. This is a quality piece of Art glass and will enhance any Art Glass Collection. Those of you who collect Aurene Stick Vases and want a nice, rare example don't let this pass you by.

I have been dealing in Steuben for some 38+ years. I have had only 1 of these Mini Stick Vases in all those years. I have shown a Comparison to the normal size one would find in picture 3. I also have that Stick Vase listed on EBay as well. You can clearly see it is much smaller. The mini is 2" smaller in height than the normal 8" and the foot is almost 1/2" smaller in diameter. I have attached a link to the Steuben Club Website to document this shape below. Click on or copy and paste into browser to Access Catalog Picture

This piece was made Circa 1905-1920 during the Frederick Carder years.

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