Steuben, Gold Aurene Cabinet Vase, Swollen Tapered Form, Very Nice, HTF~~ - For Sale

Steuben, Gold Aurene Cabinet Vase, Swollen Tapered Form, Very Nice, HTF~~
Price: $595.00
For Sale is a wonderful piece of Art Glass made by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The item is a Cabinet Vase and it is done in Frederick Carder's most desirable Gold Aurene Glass. The Vase is a nice cabinet size as it stands 2 7/16" tall and is 2 5/8" in diameter.

The Vase has that tapered swollen form shape on a round foot. It displays an outstanding Gold Iridescence that Rivaled L.C. Tiffany's Favrile Style of Art Glass. The Gold Iridescence is brilliant and colorful. You can see Platinum Blue around the foot and just above the foot is wonderful strong Fuchsia tones. It is silky soft to the touch and eye candy to the eyes. The inside of the piece has an even stronger Iridescence where you can see deep rich platinum blues and fuchsia as well.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are the normal scratches to the bottom typical of age wear and very few if any to the body of the vessel. The piece is signed on the bottom with remnants of the painted white stamped"Aurene Haviland & Co." Signature mark. It is distorted from too many washings and missing some of the mark.

This is known as shape number "2641" in the Steuben Club website of shapes. I have attached a link below for you to view this so you can see that this was made by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, NY. Steuben Cabinet pieces are HTF and you only see these on Ebay but a few times a year if you are lucky. You Rarely see these smaller Cabinet pieces as fewer were made. Those of you whom Collect Steuben Gold Aurene will surely welcome this wonderful Cabinet piece into your Collection. I'm quite sure the buyer will be very pleased for many years with their purchase. Based on the Signature Mark this Cabinet Vase was made Circa 1910-1915. Click on or copy and paste into browser to view Steuben Club Archives

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