Steuben Art Glass, Oriental Poppy Vase, Outstanding Example, Quite Rare~~~ - For Sale

Steuben Art Glass, Oriental Poppy Vase, Outstanding Example, Quite Rare~~~
Price: $2100.00
For Sale is a wonderful piece of Art Glass Blown by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The item is a very hard to find Oriental Poppy color of Art Glass. This was one of Frederick Carder's favorite glass colors. The Vase is a nice cabinet size as it stands 5 1/8" tall and is 6 1/4" in diameter.

The Vase has a classic Greek shape of a squat tapered shoulder form with a flaring top lip. The Vase displays a very pleasing pattern of vertical opalescent fingers that rise up from the bottom all the way to the flaring top lip. These opalescent fingers are set against a pastel rosy red pink background glass. The fingers are nice and wide. The advanced Steuben Collectors really like them to be this way.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is very minor calcium deposit on the inside. You can only see light residue when held at an angle looking inside. This is minor and inconsequential. The piece is unsigned but it does display a counter sunk polished pontil. This is the sign of a quality piece of Art Glass as the Factory took the time to polish out the rough pontil scar.

This is a Quality piece of Steuben Art Glass that is rarely found. I'm sure that Steuben Collector that purchases this Vase will be extremely pleased. I believe this to be shape number 6500 as seen in the Steuben Club Website. I will attach a link below for you to view this at the website.

In the 1920's Steuben produced a limited quantity of pink opalescent glass that they named Oriental Poppy. It was produced for a very short period and is very hard to find. This form is a little bit larger than most found in this shape. This piece was made, Circa 1922-1925. Click on or Copy and Paste into Browser to View Steuben Club Archives of this Color and Shape

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