Steuben Glass, Blue Gray Optic Ribbed Crystal Compote, Elegant~~~ - For Sale

Steuben Glass, Blue Gray Optic Ribbed Crystal Compote, Elegant~~~
Price: $395.00
For Sale is a wonderful piece of Art Glass Blown by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The item is a Compote or Comport and it is done in Frederick Carder's very desirable Optic Ribbed Blue Gray Crystal Glass. The Compote is a nice size as it stands 3 9/16" tall and is 8" in diameter. The foot has a diameter of 3 1/4".

The Compote displays a very pleasing Optic Ribbed Blue Gray Crystal Bowl that sits on top of an Blue Gray round foot and stem. The Glass is very smooth to the touch on both sides and looks and feel quite delicate. The inside of the bowl has a small hill formed by the Stem on the bottom side. The exterior edge is folded over and fire polished forming a thin border on the underside of the Compote's Bowl.

The Compote is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are a few scratches on the underside of the Compote and is commensurate with its age. The piece is signed with the Acid Etched Block letter "Steuben" and has the number 5294 lightly etched. I believe this to be a Museum number or an inventory number from a previous collector that they might have assigned to it in case of loss or damage. It also displays a counter sunk polished Pontil. This is the sign of a quality piece of Art Glass as the Factory took the time to polish out the rough Pontil Scar.

This is a Quality piece of Steuben Art Glass that is not so commonly found. I'm sure that Steuben Collector that purchases this Compote or Comport will be extremely please. This is shape number 2760 as seen in the Paul Gardner Book "The Glass of Frederick Carder". I will also attach a link to the Steuben Club archives of shapes to show this exact same form and color below. This piece was made circa 1918-1932. Click on or Copy and Paste into Browser to View similar Shape in a different color

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