Bronze Riser Verdi Green Brown For Tiffany Studios Base - For Sale

Bronze Riser Verdi Green Brown For Tiffany Studios Base
Price: $61.00
For sale is a Bronze Riser made for a replacement part for Tiffany Studios lamp bases. The actual size of the riser is 2 1/2" but the actual shade riser size is 1 3/4". This means it would raise the shade above the ball that house the electrical arms 1 3/4". This was a simple means of raising the shade to properly fit a Tiffany Shade to the Base where the Cluster Ball housing the arms and sockets with light bulbs in them.

The Bronze riser has a wonderful Verdi/Green Brown Patina. It displays the male thread on the top where the Shade Wheel would screw down on. The riser is also tapped to receive a 8/32 Stem thread. This is the thread that came out of the bottom of the Heat Cap. The shade would sit on the wheel and you would lock the shade to the base by screwing the cap into the riser. This was a wonderfully engineered feature of Tiffany Studios lamps. You could actually turn the base upside down and the shade wouldn't fall off.

This riser will only fit a base that has a ball tapped to receive 1"-18 Thread in the cluster and 1/8" IPS on the top. Do not attempt to use this on any other as it will more than likely strip the threads in the ball of cluster.

This Riser is in newly produced and is in excellent unused condition. This riser can also work in other period lamps made by Duffner & Kimberly, Gorham, Bradley & Hubbard, Chicago Mosaic, Wilkinson and so many others. The cluster ball must be tapped to receive the specifications above.

I have other sizes if you need them Please email me at my email address below and I will get back to you promptly


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