Heat Cap 4 1/8 Slip Fit For Tiffany Studios Shade~~ - For Sale

Heat Cap 4 1/8 Slip Fit For Tiffany Studios Shade~~
Price: $156.00
For Sale is a great replacement part for anyone who is missing a 4 1/2" heat cap for their lamp. The cap is 4 1/2" outside diameter and 4 1/8" inside or slip fit diameter. The cap stands 1" tall when sitting on a flat surface.

The cap has a fabulous Verdi green/brown patina. This was the size that Tiffany Studios, New York used for many of their 18-20" Leaded Glass Shades. You can also use this cap for shades that sit on three arms known as spiders or a ring that require this size. The top shade hole has to be 4 1/8" in order for this to work. The Cap has a male flange that extends down from the underside of the cap. This allows for it to rest freely inside the shade hole and won't fall off as long as the shade is resting on a support system. If the hole in the shade is between 4 1/8" and 4 1/2" this cap will work.

Quality Lamp parts are hard to come by so purchase with confidence as this is considered Tiffany Studios Quality and it looks just like the real one. This shade cap will work on shades made by Bradley and Hubbard, Duffner and Kimberly, Wilkinson and so many others as long as the hole is 4 1/8" in diameter and the shade sits on a shade ring or spider. The cap just rests ever so nicely inside the hole.

I also have several other sizes of Tiffany Replacement Heat Caps and Wheels and Slip Fit Caps for shades that sit on a Spider or Ring. Purchase with confidence as I am positive this heat cap will fit any of the above manufacturers, especially Tiffany Studios, New York.

I have larger and small size Caps and Wheels for Leaded Glass Shades. Please email me your needs.

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