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Collecting Antiquities - An Introductory Guide
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My favorite source of information on collecting Classical Antiquities! Written by the late English ancient art dealer, Charles Ede, entitled "Collecting Antiquities – An Introductory Guide." This book was published in 1976 and is an outstanding reference for the new collector, as well as being perfect for more experienced collectors to refer to from time to time. It covers the great civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Etruria, and the Near-East and includes maps of the major historical sites, drawings of major pottery shapes, photographs of examples of hundreds of "affordable" examples of ancient art and basic information about each culture and why their artifacts are worth collecting. This book is now out of print, but sells upwards of $100… when it can be found. If you haven’t seen this book, let me say this - the depth of information contained simply can not be found anywhere else – until now… Through an exclusive arrangement with Jamie Ede, Charles' son and proprietor of Charles Ede Ltd., Artemis Gallery has produced a CD version of "Collecting Antiquities – An Introductory Guide." Available for just $29.95, the CD edition contains 100% of the text, photos, maps and drawings found in the original book, but in CD format, you can search using Adobe Acrobat Reader quickly & easily. One of the most highly regarded references available!

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