ROYAL BAYREUTH Poppy Bowl c1902, Tettau Porcelain Bavaria - For Sale

ROYAL BAYREUTH Poppy Bowl c1902, Tettau Porcelain Bavaria
Price: $165.00
Gorgeous Royal Bayreuth, Bavaria, red poppy-form footed bowl 3"H x 5.5"D. Satin finish with green, orange and brown centre and green foot. Blue overglaze mark #9 (McCaslin) dating to 1902 and after. This piece is in fine condition, free from cracking or color loss. One small 1/4" chip on the inside rim of the base (photo#6) and one tiny flake near the centre of bowl (photo #5). One clay crease on outside petal fully painted and overglazed at time of manufacture. Slight finish wear on the high points. Displays beautifully. Comparative pieces in McCaslin #312 and #313, priced $175-250 in 1994/5 value guide. The last picture shows other pieces in this set that I have for sale. Please inquire.
Royal Bayreuth is marketed today in Europe as Royal Tettau Porcelain (Konigl.priv.Tettau). Founded in 1794, it is the oldest privately owned Bavarian porcelain manufacturer and has the distinction of continuing to operate through a devastating fire in 1897, two world wars and the division of Germany in 1945. The village of Tettau was situated one mile west of the new border and the division cut the factory off from raw materials, transportation and labour. Nevertheless the business survived and has thrived since the reunification of Germany in 1989. Royal Tettau was the first European factory to make porcelain tableware for daily usage and was an immediate success with the emerging middle class. The quality of Tettau porcelain has varied through the years and items were separated into five categories as they came out of the kiln, depending on their quality: fractured, stretched, ordinary, middle or fine. As far as I know, these categories were not marked on the base.

Resource: Mary J McCaslin "Royal Bayreuth - A Collector's Guide" 1994


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