Weller Pottery, Woodcraft, Large Squirrel Bowl, Footed, Very Nice~~ - For Sale

Weller Pottery, Woodcraft, Large Squirrel Bowl, Footed, Very Nice~~
Price: $1395.00
For Sale is a Wonderful piece of Art Pottery Planter made by The Weller Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The Pattern is the ever so Popular "Woodcraft" pattern and the Design is that of a Squirrel sitting on a branch eating a Nut. Some Weller collectors also clarify this as Muskota because of the Animals and Glaze Colors. The Shape is Considered a Planter or footed Bowl. The Planter or Bowl stands 3 3/4" Tall and is 7 5/8" in diameter at its widest point.

The Planter Depicts 4 Separate Panels of a Squirrel Sitting on a Branch getting ready to eat an Acorn in a Forest scene. There is wonderful Green Foliage in the background of each Panel as well as deep Brown Branches forming the Outline or Cameo for each Squirrel including the Branch he is sitting on. The Planter has 4 Raised Lobed Feet giving this piece that added height. This pattern is a Nature Lovers delight. The Colors are Good and the Detail just splendid as it displays a very Naturalistic View.

The Planter is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no Cracks, or Chips. There is a very tiny Glaze Fleck along the lower bottom branch between 2 feet on the bottom. This is pictured. The piece is unsigned as is the case with most of these Squirrel Planters. They probably had a paper or foil label at one time. Woodcraft is a very Popular Line to collect and this Particular Planter is one of the most desirable to own. There were two sizes to this Bowl. This is the larger Size.

Those of you who collect Weller Pottery especially the Woodcraft Line and want an very nice example this is the piece to purchase. It is very clean an it appears that this Bowl sat on a Shelf and was not used as the condition both inside and out is wonderful! Sometimes this pattern is confused with Flemish as Weller Categorized them as such. Woodcraft is from Weller Pottery's middle period, Circa 1920-1933.

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