Four (4) Dragons - For Sale

Four (4) Dragons
Price: $150000.00
The item was discovered at the river after Pre-Spanish period in the Philippines.
The item's design is a four (4) dragons playing with a ball. The other jar belongs to other person designed with long legged-bird was sold USD 200,000 to an Australian ten years ago.
The item was slightly scratch on the dragon's scale and evaluated, in which found out mixed with gold.
Whenever a coin is rub on the item's body, the image of a coin fades without damages on the item.
When being cut / slice with bladed weapon on the item's body, there is no marks / trace on the item.
Even poured with acid , the item never change its appearance.

Using tailor-measuring tape:

Height: 14 inches
Upper Opening/Estuary: 6 inches (cross-measured)
Neck: 22 inches (rounded measured)
Belt / hole in neck: 2 inches
Body: 44 inches (rounded measured)
Weight: 4.5 kgs
Color: Golden Brown (with sunlight)
Brown (afternoon view/without sunlight)

Selling Price: USD 150,000.

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Seller Details :
Michael Vinoya
Alibagon, Makato, Aklan
976 Mission Dr., Apt # 2, Costa Mesa, CA. 92626, U.S.A.
Costa Mesa
Contact Details :
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Phone : 714-204-8795
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