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Holdcroft? Majolica fox & bird pitcher
Price: $650.00
Victorian, circa 1880 Holdcroft? Majolica pitcher decorated on both sides with a bird (a crow) perched in a tree, a fox looking up at it. Turquoise ground. Rustic branch molded handle. Turquoise interior. Green underside with stilt marks. Madelena has attributed this piece to the Joseph Holdcroft factory. We believe this is based on the fable ''The Crow and the Fox'' by Jean de la Fontaine. The fable tells the tale of Master Crow sat on a tree, holding a cheese in his beak. Master Fox was attracted by the odor, and tried to attract him thus. ''Mister Crow, good day to you. You are a handsome and good looking bird! In truth, if your song is as beautiful as your plumage, you are the Phoenix of this forest.'' Hearing these words the Crow felt great joy, and to demonstrate his beautiful voice, he opened his mouth wide and let drop his prey. The Fox seized it and said: ''My good sir, know that every flatterer lives at the expense of those who take him seriously. This is a lesson that is worth a cheese, no doubt.'' The Crow, embarrassed and confused, swore, thought somewhat later, that he would never be tricked again. Generally good. No cracks. No hairlines. No chips. Flaking and wear to thin glaze around the rim. Two small flakes to handle and a few to the exterior. Slight rubbing to fox heads. Repair to top of handle where it joins the pitcher. 6.5ins high

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