Hampshire Pottery, Cucumber Matte Green Mission Style Planter, Very Nice~~ - For Sale

Hampshire Pottery, Cucumber Matte Green Mission Style Planter, Very Nice~~
Price: $325.00
For Sale is a nice piece of Art Pottery made by The Hampshire Pottery Company of Keene, NH. The item is called a "Mission Style Planter or Bowl" and it is done in Hampshire Pottery's most famous Matte Cucumber Green Glaze. The planter is a nice cabinet size as it stands 2 1/2" tall and is 5 1/2" in diameter at the bulge. The piece has a 3 1/2" diameter foot or bottom ring.

The Planter displays a very nice mottled cucumber matt green glaze. It has nice even color throughout . The style of the planter is very much Arts and Crafts and has a very pleasing shape. The Planter has a large top opening 3" in diameter. It is bulbous in shape and has a nice and graceful flow to it.

The Bowl is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The piece is signed on the bottom with impressed script marks that reads, "Hampshire Pottery" along with the "M" in a circle impressed mark. This mark helps us determine when this vase was made. The "M" in a Circle Mark was used during Cadmon Robertson's tenure with Hampshire Pottery. He was their Chemist and help to develop over 900 different glazes. This mark was used to honor his Wife "Emoretta". She was the Sister of the founder, James Scollay Taft.

Hampshire started producing Matte Glazes in 1891. This was 7 years earlier than their main Competitor Grueby Faience of Boston, Mass. Hampshire Pottery resembles the style of Grueby but were much more affordable as they were mold made pieces as opposed to hand thrown. This the nickname "Poor Mans Grueby" was given to this line by the Grueby Pottery collectors. Hampshire Pottery closed after Cadmon Robertson's death and reopened again in 1916. They produced Art Pottery until 1917 and then they focused on Dinnerware for Hotels and Restaurants along with Souvenirs until 1923 when Hampshire Pottery Closed permanently.

This will make a wonderful addition to any matte Pottery collection of Art Pottery and would look great on that Stickley Mission Arts and Crafts Bookcase. This is known as shape number 22/1 in the Hampshire Pottery re-print portfolio catalog of 1916. Based on the signature mark this Planter was made, circa 1904-1914.

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