Weller Pottery, Woodcraft, Muskota, Fox Cubs Jardiniere - For Sale

Weller Pottery, Woodcraft, Muskota, Fox Cubs Jardiniere
Price: $595.00
For sale I have a Wonderful Piece of Art Pottery made by The Weller Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. What I have is a Jardinière and it is done in one of Weller's Most Popular Glazes or Lines. The Glaze is known "Woodcraft". and some Weller Collectors call this "Muskota". The Jardinière is rather large as it stands Flower Frog stands 5 3/4" tall and is 7 3/8" in diameter from the Fox Cubs nose..
The Jardinière depicts 3 Fox Cubs hanging out of a Tree Trunk hole or Den in an Oak Tree. They are nestled together peeking out of a Black hole inside the tree. The piece displays wonderful earth tone glazes of Matte Brown and Green. The detail is just wonderful as the background is sculpted to look like real bark on a Oak Tree as well as the Three Fox Cubs. The side and back of the Jardinière shows wonderful detailed Oak Leaves. The Fox Cubs are done in raised relief and have very good detail and are not distorted like I have seen on other Weller Fox Cub pieces.

The Jardinière is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The inside is extremely clean and shows minor signs of use. The piece is not signed on the bottom but there is a large letter "H" written in a Black Marker or Glaze. This was more than likely the finishers mark. I also noticed some pencil writing on the bottom Glaze. It looks like it says a name that I cannot make out and I can see a second work with a large W. This could Possible be the W in Weller Pottery but not sure. This line carried a paper label and was rarely marked.

Those of you who collect Weller's Woodcraft and Muskota Line know exactly what you are looking at and I'm sure you will welcome this one into your collection. I guarantee this Jardinière to be made by The Weller Pottery Company. This is one of the Rarer of the Woodcraft Muskota pieces to own. This Jardinière would look just wonderful on that Stickley. Mission, Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase. This piece was made Circa 1917-1928.

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