Weller Pottery, Bedford Matt Green, Squat Flower Frog Centerpiece Bowl, Rare~~~ - For Sale

Weller Pottery, Bedford Matt Green, Squat Flower Frog Centerpiece Bowl, Rare~~~
Price: $395.00
For Sale is a very nice vase made by the Weller Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The Pattern is known as "Bedford Matt Green" and it is an outstanding example. I would call this item a "Flower Frog Planter or Squat Vase. The planter has some size to 2 1/4" and is 8 1/8" in diameter.

This Squat Vase displays a very Mottled Matte Green Glaze accented with char-coaling. This Glaze is very similar to Hampshire's Cucumber Matte Green Glaze and I suspect that Weller created the Bedford Matt Green Line to specifically compete with them. The Shape is a very pleasing one as it can also be used as a center piece bowl as well.

The Planter is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The piece is unsigned but it has the Painted Blue Green Glaze on the bottom side. This is a tell tale sign of unsigned Weller in the Bedford Matt Line. Those of you who decorate in the Arts and Crafts, Mission Style will surely welcome this accessory into the home. It will also enhance any Matte Green art Pottery Collection. This would look outstanding with anyone Decorating with Gustav Stickley or Mission Arts and Crafts Furniture.

I have been a dealer/collector for the past 39 years. This is the first time I have ever seen or owned this particular form. I would consider this form to be quite Rare!! I'm sure the buyer will be very pleased with their purchase. The Bedford Matt Line was considered an early line by Weller Pottery Circa 1905-1920.

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