Antique : A rare 19th century porcelain Pap Warmer ( Veilleuse ) - Paris - see Drake Collection - For Sale

Antique : A rare 19th century porcelain Pap Warmer ( Veilleuse ) - Paris - see Drake Collection
Price: $1100.00
A rare 19th century hand painted porcelain Pap Warmer (Veilleuse). This four piece Veilleuse attributed to Paris
( see Nurturing Yesterdays Child a portrayal of the Drake Collection by Mary Spaulding and Penny welch, page 100
for a similar version ), they have been attributed it to Paris Porcelain

Good Condition - Wear to the gilding as expected and an invisibly restored chip to rim (Collectors will already
know that these turn up in individual pieces only usually and this is quite rare to find everything but the burner)

Circa : 19th century


A version of the above mentioned book can be found at:

Also worth reading the Trenton Museum Collection of Dr Freed Nightlights
The V&A Collection London - mainly 18th century examples

This unusual device derives its name from the French for a night vigil. It was used to keep a drink or portion
of semi-liquid food warm at night-time, initially only at the bedside of infants or invalids, but from about 1800
for more general use. In the days before electric timers, it was the nearest thing to a combined 'teasmade'
and nightlight.

It consists of a hollow pedestal with pierced vents surmounted by either a covered food bowl or a small teapot.
The heat source is oil burned by means of a floating wick, located in a tiny bowl in the bottom of the pedestal.
Veilleuses were made in tin-glazed earthenware, creamware, stoneware, porcelain and bone china. They were
chiefly made between 1750 and about 1860.

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