Silver Tetradrachm of Cleopatra Thea - LC.001 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm of Cleopatra Thea - LC.001
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Obverse: Veiled and diademed bust of Cleopatra Thea, right, with fillet border.
Reverse: Double-cornucopia, bound with fillet. Monogram to right, dated.
Cleopatra Thea ('Cleopatra the Goddess') was the daughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt. This extraordinary woman married in succession three Seleucid monarchs- Alexander Balas, Demetrios II and Antiochus VII- and bore a total of eight children. Having disposed of her son Seleukos V, she ruled Syria alone for a short period until public opinion forced her to acknowledge Seleukos' younger brother, Antiochus, as her co- ruler.
This is an extremely rare coin- the other three known specimens are in the British Museum, the Bibliotheque Nationale (Seyrig Collection) and ex NFA auction XVIII, 31 March 1987, lot 379.
Condition: extremely fine, of the highest rarity, this being the fourth known specimen. - (LC.001)

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