Circa 1820 Silkwork Sampler by Mary Langlois - For Sale

Circa 1820 Silkwork Sampler by Mary Langlois
Price: $700.00
George IV, dated October 28 182? 182? Silkwork Sampler by Mary Langlois. Framed in an old, restored, wood frame with gilt slip and glass. Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on canvas ground, in a variety of stitches including Algerian eye. Meandering floral border. Colours black, cream, pale blue, pale green, light brown, gold, light green and dark green. Verses read ''EDUCATION> Youth like softened Wax,with Ease will> take,Those Images that first Impressions> make:If those are fair,their Actions will be> bright,If foul,they''ll clouded be with shades> of Night''. ''RELIGION> Religion prompts us to a future state,> The last Appeal from Fortune and> from fate, Where GOD''s all righteous> Ways will be declared, The Bad meet> Punishment,the Good Reward.''. Signed and dated ''Mary Langlois aged 11 October 28 182?'' (last number unstitched). The surname indicates that the stitcher was probably from the Channel Islands. A good set of motifs, including potted flowering plants, butterflies, stars, fruit baskets, flowers, hearts, a crown with initials ''G R'' underneath, birds and a large bowl of flowers. Good. No holes. Some pale, patchy staining around the edges, and in the centre. A couple of darker stains to the signature. Some stitch losses to the verse. Colours are somewhat faded. Slight colour run around the verse. Neatly and evenly stretched. Frame in very good condition. Wire and hooks included for hanging. 21ins by 17.5ins wide

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