Vintage Rialto New York Lucite Purse, Pear White, Clear, Nice~~ - For Sale

Vintage Rialto New York Lucite Purse, Pear White, Clear, Nice~~
Price: $295.00
For Sale is a lovely vintage Lucite bag made by Rialto of New York. The box portion of the bag measures 3 7/8" tall to the top of the lid and approximately 8 3/4" tall overall height with handles included. The purse measures 8 5/8" long at the bottom of the purse and 7 1/2" long at the opening. It measures approximately 4" deep at the bulge and 3" deep at the opening.

The purse is constructed of a pearl white body that has a modern look with sharp angles at the ends. The lid is clear and has a carved stylized flower lid that has been carved on both the exterior and interior of the lid. There is a smaller vine of leaves that was carved and then frosted on the interior only in order to make the hinge mechanism disappear through the clear lid when it is closed. There are two brass or gold toned balls on the interior of the lid which secures it closed. There are two gracefully curved handles to hold the bag in comfort and there are four gold toned feet applied on the bottom to keep from scratching the bottom.

The purse is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks in the Lucite and the hinge, snap closures and brass pins for the handles are all very secure and show that this was a cared for accessory by some lucky lady back in the day. There is one very small area on the exterior lid that has a few surface scratches but it is not noticeable unless you are really inspecting this and only in a certain light. The brass hinge has a signature that reads "ORIGINAL Rialto N.Y." Rialto of New York was one of the leading designer and manufacturers of Lucite purses back in the 1950's and this little gem is quite the fashion statement. It would make a perfect handbag for a bride or even just a stylish accessory for casual wear.

The purse was made Circa 1951-1960.

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