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De-Luxe English Victorian Game Compendium
Price: $6500.00
English Victorian Coromandel game compendium, circa 1870’s. The exterior of the box measures 6.5” x 9.25” x 12.5”. The wood is Coromandel with brass strapping. The box contains:

A complete set of red and white, bone chess pieces.

A set of fifteen red and white disks making it suitable for checkers (or Draughts) and backgammon.

A brass cribbage board with the original brass scoring pegs.

Two (pointing hands) ivory scoring disks.

Six dice for various games.

A playing board for chess / checkers with a backgammon board on the obverse.

Two cups for dice, one ebony and one ivory.

There are four sets of playing cards by De La Rue. Three of the decks are complete, one deck has one card missing. The playing cards are original to the game. The cards do not have a corner indication of the suit or number.

There are two Bezique markers by De La Rue,

There is a wooden spinning top with numbers from 1 to 8.

Finally, there is a miscellaneous group of red and white game disks.

Comes complete with lock and original tasseled key. Overall a very fine game box in superb
original condition.

When this item was acquired there was a receipt inside indicating that this item was sold in 2002 for $8500.

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